Our Company  
  Uçar Tekstil Industry and Trade Limited Company  
  since 1982.  
  Uçar Yarn Industry and Trade Limited Company  
  since 2009  

   Our company was established in 1982 by Muzaffer Ucar, the sector has started to trade in textile and fire.
   Early 1990, the party continued to operate in the sector with the purchase and sale of fabric, and aims to continue the rise of each semester.
   Purchase and sale of knitted fabrics in 1996, continued to advance by strengthening the position in the industry.
   Domestic and foreign customers with quality service and continues to be served by keeping the customer memnuyitini ahead.
   Felt as a gap in the sector since 2009, our company started to operate in the field of yarn and yarn imported from abroad and sold in the country started to offer.

   The main countries that we export, Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Russia, Germany, France, Great Britain, Netherlands
    Main import countries, Egypt, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia

   Our company, located in the sector for 30 years does not compromise integrity for years to come, such as honesty will not compromise.
   All our products are ISO9001 standards. Does not contain carcinogenic substances.